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SEAHEALTH invites to free closing event at SIMAC

Tuesday, June 17, 2014, at 11-14 SIMAC, Graaesvej 27, 5700 Svendborg holds a free seminar on MLC, diet and hygiene.
Project NEPTUNE has for two years been funded by the Danish Maritime Fund for the development of diet and competences in Danish ships. The project has got good help from shipowners to develope courses, guidelines and inspirational material for the implementation of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006). The project has also helped to lift the food on board and greater awareness of the importance of diet to health. This effort continues and at this seminar SEAHEALTH will mark a milestone and send the "depeche" on to the shipping companies, and want to thank for all contributions.
  1. Neptune and project results.
  2. Royal Arctic Line: Healthy CSR and management of vendors by Margit Jørgensen - Corporate Purchasing Manager.
  3. TORM: Upgrading of skills in the galley - an inspiration to others, by Daniel D. Christensen - Training & Cadet Manager.
  4. A healthy pep talk by Birgitte Nymann - Author, speaker and consultant.
Registration: Free participation. Registration for ab@seahealth.dk by Friday 13 June 2014.


Project NEPTUNE is searching for test-vessels

Are you and your shipping company wondering how you can live up to the new health demands in the MLC 2006? This is an excellent (free) opportunity to test the project tools, whilst focusing on your own everyday practices and the possibilities in them. Furthermore you have the opportunity to offer constructive criticism and identify what works and what does not, so that the tools are effective in addressing the challenges they are meant to.

More information

New guide for food supplier contracts

When making a contract with a supplier or when the ship places an order with a supplier, it is a good idea to be aware of the issues described in this guide. SEAHEALTH has produced a guideline that explains how the shipping company can make demands to its suppliers, thereby ensuring a decent quality, and increased transparency of the cooperation between the company and the supplier.

Go to guideline for food supplier contracts

Help us by sharing tips and tricks from your everyday life at sea

There is nothing like being able to ask a colleague for advice. But as a cook alone on board, that can be difficult. On this page, cooks, assistants and anyone who makes food share their knowledge and experience from the galley. All you need to do to participate is describe your own tips and tricks and send them to SEAHEALTH.

Go to the cook's own tips and tricks

NEPTUNE and the MLC 2006 Convention

The ratification of the new MLC 2006 Convention (ILO) challenges the maritime industry with increased focus on environment and health. Both international and national MLC 2006 comes to play a crucial role in shipping companies' management and - ways of improving the living conditions and environment for seafarers. Failure to meet the requirements of the Convention will be directly reflected in future PSC inspections and influence the companies' costs.

Read more on the MLC 2006 and its role in the NEPTUNE project


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